【News】CSO Terauchi receives Dr.Tissier’s Medal at The 28th Annual Meeting of The Intestinal Microbiology Society

We are pleased to announce that Metagen Therapeutics CSO, Jun Terauchi received the Dr. Tissier’s Medal after giving a special lecture at the “28th Annual Meeting of Intestinal Microbiology,” held on June 25, 2024.

The Intestinal Microbiology Society has recognized people who contributed to the research and development in the field with the Tissier-medal, in honor of the works and foresight of Dr. Tissier who discovered Bifidobacteria (1899) and first used it as a probiotic.

CSO Terauchi was presented with this medal for his contributions to the Society through microbiome research for drug discovery and initiatives involving industry-academia-government collaboration aimed at social implementation.