Scientific Advisors

Non-executive directors

Tomohiro Anzai Managing Partner at Fast Track Initiative

Taira Kobayashi Principal at JAFCO Group, Industry-Academia and Life Science Investment Group

Jun Hayashi    Principal at JIC Venture Growth Investments


Ishii Kosuke  CPA, CFE, Tax Accountant, Ishii Kosuke Accounting Firm


Atsushi Okuzawa, MD
Surgeon at Juntendo Hospital of Juntendo University School of Medicine. Division of Gastroenterology. Specializes in laparoscopic surgery.
Senior associate professor at the Juntendo University Research Center for Innovative Medical Technology since 2017. Prior to this Dr. Okuzawa served as a senior associate professor at the university’s School of Medicine and associate professor of Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery.He concurrently serves as the university hospital’s Deputy Director of the Center for Clinical Research and Clinical Trials, and the university’s Deputy Director at BioResource Research Center, Institute for Advanced Research in Health Sciences.
Dr. Okuzawa also holds positions at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfares as Assistant Director of the Office of Clinical Trial Promotion, Research and Development Division, Health Policy Bureau, and as Assistant Director of the Medical Economics Division, Health Insurance Bureau.

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of Akte Therapeutics, a company focusing on breakthrough technologies like exosome delivered RNA therapies. He is a global biotechnology executive and company director with significant experience in end-to-end drug development and corporate strategy. Mr. Mitchell has held leadership positions at prominent biotech firms in the US, UK, and Australia, including Finch Therapeutics, Microbiotica, and notably as the CEO of BiomeBank, in which he led the world’s first regulatory approval for a microbiome drug product.

Noriyuki Yamamoto
Co-founder and President of Flox Bio, Inc., Dr. Yamamoto has extensive experience in the realm of business development and strategic planning in the pharmaceutical industry.He has been the execution lead in multiple R&D departments, as well as evaluating pipelines which led to the successful licensing and acquisition of several U.S. biotech companies for Astellas Pharma Inc, and has also facilitated projects utilizing multiple research organizations in the drug discovery research program at Mitobridge, a company focusing on mitochondria, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In addition, Dr. Yamamoto is co-founder and partner of Newsight Tech Angels KK., an angel investment firm. He earned a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kyoto University.